STI Chicane RX Tires

  • $119.99
  • Save $32

Ply Radial  Tread depth of .60"

The Chicane RX tire combination results from STI’s years of hands-on experience and proven testing that has produced a broad line of high-performance tires and wheels. 

Featuring a unique split-knob non-directional tread design, the Chicane RX line is DOT marked and ready to hit the road for powerful performance and high-mileage value. 

8-ply carcass offers the perfect mix of durability, light weight, and smooth ride flexibility.

STI's Chicane RX tires serve owners well with high-performance features including a deep rim guard and a reinforced bead/lower sidewall that allows lower PSI operation. The result is maximum tire performance and durability over a variety of terrain, without the need to run overly high PSI to avoid flats.

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