STI Roctane XD (Set of 4)

  • $639.95
  • Save $68.05

STI has built the Roctane XD Radial to be a high performance, durable juggernaut. The 8-ply rating and heavy denier nylon cord make the Roctane a design meant specifically for heavier, faster, more abusive applications. The tread design also promotes toughness with the Rocwall sidewall, wide tread belts, and extra-deep RocGuard rim guard, all giving the Roctane an extreme amount of protection and durability. Finalizing this tire’s stout design is the specialized tread compound meant to extend lifespan even further. With features that make the Roctane wear like iron, the best aspect is that you still get a tire that holds onto slick rock like glue. With the STI Roctane XD Radial you get some of the best wear and performance available for your machine.


-Designed for harsh UTV applications

-8-ply rated with heavier than standard nylon cordage

-Features STI’s exclusive RocGuard and RocWall to protect the sidewall and lip

-Proprietary tread compound is formulated for extended wear

-Excellent grip on slick surfaces

-Wide profile footprint delivers quiet operation and precise control