STI HD5 Beadlock Wheel

  • $129.99
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STI HD5 Beadlock Wheel - Details

Designed to deliver the ultimate combination of strength and style. In Stealth Black and Gunmetal Gray, the HD5 Beadlocks will be available in 14x7 sizing for todays high performance heavyweight UTVs. The wheels feature a reinforced inner bead lip for durability and the beadlock hardware is beefed up for increased tire clamping pressure. To deliver a customized look, you can choose from a wide selection of colored beadlock rings. A raw ring option lets you finish the ring in any color you need. These are the same durable and easy to install rings that come stock with the new HD5 Beadlock wheel.


  • Beadlock ring receives strengthened hardware for increased tire clamping pressure
  • Each wheels inner bead lip is reinforced for durability
  • 1000 pound load ratings can handle todays heavyweight UTVs